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n. pl. Manyika or Ma·nyi·kas
1. A member of a Bantu people inhabiting eastern Zimbabwe and west-central Mozambique.
2. The Bantu language of this people, closely related to Shona.

[Manyika -manyika, as in Chimanyika, the Manyika language.]
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The mutiny is also significant here for two other reasons: many have claimed that those schisms were along sub-ethnic lines within the Shona ethnic group: the Manyikas and the Karangas.
Many saw this as a continuation of Manyika purge among the ZANU ranks.
Consequently he received a State-assisted funeral against the dissenting voices from the other ethnic groups like the Manyikas, the Ndaus and the Korekores who felt that their own liberation heroes were being sidelined.
No mention whatsoever is made in his novels about the contributions of the Ndebeles, the Manyikas, the Shangaan and the Ndaus in the first liberation struggle in this country.