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 (măn′zə-nē′yə, -nĭl′ə)
A pale, very dry sherry from Spain.

[Spanish, probably from manzanilla, chamomile (because the aroma of the sherry was thought to resemble chamomile), from Old Spanish mançanilla , diminutive of mançana , apple, alteration of earlier maçana, from Latin (māla) Mattiāna, variant of (māla) Matiāna, (apples) of Matius, possibly after Gaius Matius Calvena (fl. first century bc), Roman author of a work on gastronomy.]


(Brewing) a very dry pale sherry
[C19: from Spanish: camomile (referring to its bouquet)]


(ˌmæn zəˈnil yə, -ˈni ə)

n., pl. -las.
a pale, very dry sherry from Spain.
[1835–45; < Sp: diminutive of manzana apple]
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Noun1.manzanilla - very dry pale sherry from SpainManzanilla - very dry pale sherry from Spain  
sherry - dry to sweet amber wine from the Jerez region of southern Spain or similar wines produced elsewhere; usually drunk as an aperitif
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The barrels that form the flor cap can become Fino, Manzanilla or Amontillado, but they are all marked out by a bracing, pungent dryness.
Companies working with hazardous chemicals have a responsibility to their employees and the surrounding neighborhood to report chemical releases," said Enrique Manzanilla, the EPA's regional Cross Media Division director.
But in Spain, sherry reigns and it's easy to see why with a glass of crisp fi no or manzanilla in your hand as the sun beats down or the barbie smoke drifts over the lawn.
Little change is planned for fino and manzanilla, the two wines produced with the aid of a special flor, or mould, made up of micorganisms that protect the wine from exposure to oxygen and alter the flavour.
PCBs are a highly toxic substance," said Enrique Manzanilla, the EPA's regional Cross-Media Division director.
People have a right to know what toxic chemicals are being used and released in their neighborhoods," said Enrique Manzanilla, the U.
The seaweed snap of a island whisky, the complex notes of a cognac, the salty edge of a bone dry manzanilla, the plummy flavours of a southern Italian red.
The Tadin products involved in this lawsuit include: Zendo Dieters Tea, Zendo Extra Fuerte (Extra Strength) Dieters Tea, Zendo Dieters Tea Capsules, Slim-Mate Tea, Alcachofa (Artichoke) Extra Tea, Alcachofa (Artichoke) Capsules, Alcachofa (Artichoke) Extra Capsules, Aloe Vera with Cactus (Sabila Con Nopal) Tea, Aloe Vera with Cactus (Sabila Con Nopal) Capsules, Manzanilla Tea, Manzanilla con Anis Tea, Manzanilla con Menta Tea, Tila Tea, Siete Azahres Tea, Te de Limon, Yerbabuena Tea, Bronco Tea, Linaza Extra, Alcachofa con Linaza, and Nopal Capsules.
Sherry is another Christmas speciality, but as well as the major brands such as Harveys Bristol Cream explore the drier ones such as Manzanilla, Amontillado - which is nuttier and can be medium - dry Oloroso and the amazing Pedro Ximenez.
Manzanilla la Gitana Bodegas Hidalgo Andalucia, Spain
That operatic temptress Carmen enjoyed the odd glass of Manzanilla.