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Mao Ze·dong

 (mou′ dzŭ′dŏng′) also Mao Tse-tung (tsŭ′to͝ong′) 1893-1976.
Chinese Communist leader and theorist. A founder of the Chinese Communist Party (1921), he commanded troops in the Chinese Civil War (1927-1949) and proclaimed the People's Republic of China in 1949. As party chairman and the country's first head of state (1949-1959), he initiated sweeping but misguided economic, agricultural, and industrial reforms that resulted in widespread starvation. He continued as party chairman after 1959 and was a leading figure in the Cultural Revolution (1966-1969). In the 1970s he consolidated his political power and established ties with the West.

Mao Ze•dong

(ˈmaʊ zəˈdʊŋ, dzə-)

also Mao Tse-tung

(ˈmaʊ tsəˈtʊŋ, dzəˈdʊŋ)
1893–1976, chairman of the People's Republic of China 1949–59 and of the Chinese Communist party 1943–76.
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Noun1.Mao Zedong - Chinese communist leader (1893-1976)Mao Zedong - Chinese communist leader (1893-1976)
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The Visiting Suit" tells the stories of Xiaoda Xiao and the harshness of his history in the forced labor camps under the regime of Mao Zedung.
Y es que por 10 anos estuvo en la lista negra del gobierno chino por la critica al regimen de Mao Zedung (la historia vista a traves de los ojos de un nino en El papalote azul, ademas de haber firmado una carta abierta exigiendo la liberacion de los presos de la plaza Tiananmen en 1989).
Some of the most chilling sights of the last century were of ideologically brainwashed teenagers marching en masse in support of Hitler and Mao Zedung,and the armies of innocents used as cannon (or rather,chemical)fodder in the war between Iraq and Iran.