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 (hŏng′gē) New Zealand
intr.v. hon·gied, hon·gi·ing, hong·ies
To greet another or exchange greetings in Maori fashion by touching or pressing noses together.
The act or an instance of making such a greeting.

[Maori, to smell, sniff, hongi, from Proto-Polynesian *songi.]


NZ a form of salutation expressed by touching noses
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He was then treated to the ceremonial welcome on the lawn in front of Government House which included a Maori greeting, known as a powhiri.
Prince William was the first to perform a hongi - a traditional Maori greeting where noses are pressed together and a breath is symbolically exchanged - with two Maori elders.
After the welcoming ceremony, which included the Maori greeting of rubbing noses, the royal couple and their son were taken to a private house with George's nanny Maria Borrallo, where they will spend two days recovering from jet lag.
New Zealand: Britain s Prince Charles and wife Camilla rubbed noses in a traditional Maori greeting in New Zealand Sunday, kicking off the final leg of a Pacific tour to mark Queen Elizabeth II s diamond jubilee.
Gillard was attempting a Maori greeting but mangled it, news.
Leading the way is Prince William in New Zealand, where he was met with the traditional Maori greeting of rubbing noses with folk.
PRINCE William received a traditional Maori greeting reserved for a chief as he opened New Zealand's new pounds 38m Supreme Court building.
From the Maori greeting at the beginning to Katy Annals talk at the end, I was riveted.
Which Maori greeting means good health or good luck?
WELCOME: David Beckham is given a Maori greeting in NZ
England's Dimitri Mascarenhas receives a traditional Maori greeting from Jodi Brown at the team hotel in Christchurch today.
One of their number, Jimmy Umanga, is seen with tongue poked out, the traditional Maori greeting.