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Noun1.MapQuest - a free, widely-used Web Map Server
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
Verb1.mapquest - search for a location and directions by means of the MapQuest program; "you can just mapquest the restaurant"
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
explore, research, search - inquire into; "the students had to research the history of the Second World War for their history project"; "He searched for information on his relatives on the web"; "Scientists are exploring the nature of consciousness"
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MapQuest Find Me' is the latest in a series of innovations that extends our popular service beyond the desktop," said Tommy McGloin, senior vice president and general manager of MapQuest.
com service has formed a relationship with Intuit's (Nasdaq:INTU) Quicken Loans and MapQuest.
OTC BB: IWOW) recently entered into an agreement with MapQuest.