Maps and guides

Maps and guides 
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Among BML's findings were that maps and guides from Wales - as well as East Anglia, the East Midlands, the Heart of England, Scotland and south west England - had increased in popularity the most over the last five years;
A total of 42% of the maps and guides available this year relate to Wales, Scotland and south west England;
Sales of maps and guides for London and south-east England have fallen, while those for northern England have remained static;
Scots and people from northern England tend to buy maps and guides relating to places within Britain;
22% of the maps and guides bought by Britons are for European destinations, with this figure rising to 26% for London and south east England map/guide buyers; and
The maps and guides in this book help you to better navigate yourself once you're there.
And, in addition to its literary map, the British Tourist Authority also has fine maps and guides on hiking, gardening, even movie-themed tours of Britain.