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[Mapuche : mapu, earth + dungun, speech.]
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An Indigenous Language and Culture Educator is a Mapuche person who teaches Mapuche language and culture in the preschool level.
Tomas Guevara, a historian and ethnographer, wrote prolifically about Mapuche cultural practices, while Rodolfo Lenz, a German linguist, published lengthy volumes about Chilean and Mapuche folklore, as well as the Mapuche language (Mapudungun).
By examining the botanic taxonomy in Mapuche language, the importance of vegetable diversity to the Mapuche people and their traditions and vision of the cosmos was revealed.
Becoming Neuquino in Mapuzugun: Teaching Mapuche Language and Culture in the Province of Neuquen, Argentina".
The book includes b&w photos and a glossary of terms from the Mapuche language.
Ahaen in the indigenous Mapuche language means a welcome ritual ceremony offered to honour a guest.
This article examines the current situation of the mapuche language based upon the results of three sociolinguistic studies using wide coverage surveys.
These two groups, among others nearby, gradually became "Araucanized" as they adopted the Mapuche language and other cultural traits.
The names, from the indigenous Mapuche language, refer to the Sun, Moon, Southern Cross, and Sirius, respectively.
Her choices - all from the indigenous Mapuche language of southern Chile - are Antu (meaning the Sun), Kueyen (the Moon), Melipal (the Southern Cross), and Yepun (Sirius).