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[Mapuche : mapu, earth + dungun, speech.]
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The relentless uphill ascent, demanding stamina and endurance, was rewarded by a spectacularly clear and panoramic view from the top, a moment of sacred silence invoking Rukapillan, "House of Spirits" in the Mapuche language, Mapudungun.
Ahaen in the indigenous Mapuche language means a welcome ritual ceremony offered to honour a guest.
The book includes b&w photos and a glossary of terms from the Mapuche language.
In the Mapuche language oncol means steep mountain, and the rain forest here is home to a wealth of trees, like the giant coigues, robles, maitines, olivillos, ulmos, lumas, pitras, and arrayanes, to name just a few.
These two groups, among others nearby, gradually became "Araucanized" as they adopted the Mapuche language and other cultural traits.