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[Mapuche : mapu, earth + dungun, speech.]
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Por lo que a Ines, se le presenta una oportunidad especial de aprender el mapudungun, lengua de los mapuche, cuando conoce a Felipe o Felipillo6, "como llamaban al joven mapuche que se convirtio en la sombra de Pedro y llego a ser una figura familiar en la ciudad, mascota de los soldados" (253), como ella menciona su experiencia del aprendizaje de esta lengua por razones practicas y estrategicas.
The relentless uphill ascent, demanding stamina and endurance, was rewarded by a spectacularly clear and panoramic view from the top, a moment of sacred silence invoking Rukapillan, "House of Spirits" in the Mapuche language, Mapudungun.
Mapuche means ''people of the land'' in the group's native Mapudungun tongue.
8 service and implementation with indigenous group sessions with power, speaker mapudungun, exhibitor legislation indigenous cultural relevance dynamic group with supplies, stationery
Chau Inti," she said with a smile: the word for Father SunA in the Mapuche's Mapudungun language.
When reading in these countries is taught in Spanish (not forgetting other official languages like Guarani, Catalan, Euskera and Gallego, and non-official indigenous languages like Quechua, Maya, Mapudungun and Rapa nui, among others), a relatively transparent or superficial orthography is being used.
It will come as no surprise that I did not blend in seamlessly with the indigenous peoples of south-central Chile, despite my year of Mapudungun at the University of Chile.
Other examples for such languages are Yucatec Maya (Mayan) (Bohnemeyer and Stolz 2006), Nahuatl (Uto-Aztecan) (Launey 1979), Mapudungun (isolate, South America) (Walchli and Zuniga 2006), Lahu (Lolo-Burmese) (Matisoff 2003), and 'Ala'ala (Oceanic) (Ross 2002).
Werken" means spokesperson in Mapudungun, the native Mapuche language.
In Mapudungun, their own "language of the land," Mapuche means "people of the land.
She uses the Mapudungun word pillan, an explosion of power, to explain how the anthology UL responds to Chilean society's recent recognition of its indigenous reality, embedded by Ercilla's epic La Araucana in the county's very foundations, like a steel irony.
Contract awarded for The ombudsman requires hiring teaching a language course for mid-level mapudungun according to what is stated in the attached tender.