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 (măk′ē-zärd′, -zär′)
See maquis.

[French, from maquis, the French underground; see maquis.]


a member of the French maquis
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Noun1.maquisard - a guerrilla fighter in the French underground in World War IIMaquisard - a guerrilla fighter in the French underground in World War II
Maquis - the French underground that fought against the German occupation in World War II
guerilla, guerrilla, irregular, insurgent - a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment
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They are like the costumes he wears: Western clothes, those of an Islamist, and those of a maquisard, a guerilla fighter.
Rachid est un islamiste maquisard qui regagne son village grace a la loi de [beaucoup moins que]la concorde civile[beaucoup plus grand que].
La vieille generation parle un peu trop de cette guerre, tout le monde a participe, tout le monde est devenu maquisard, ce sont tous des heros.
It is hard not to expect a lot from Rachid Boudjedra, one of the great figures of Algerian culture, a former maquisard, representative of the FLN, militant communist, secretary-general of the Algerian Human Rights League, philosophy teacher turned poet, film director, and novelist, with numerous awards to his name.
Il a, patiemment, recueilli aupres de ses parents, sa famille, et les militants de la region d'Ain El Hammam, les faits et anecdotes qui ont jalonne l'itineraire du maquisard.
C'est aussi un maquisard qui, malgre son jeune age, avait cotoye de grands responsables de l'ALN, notamment le colonel Amirouche dont il fut le secretaire juste apres avoir rejoint les maquis de la wilaya 3.
The French underground movement was known as the Maquisard and its adherents as the Maquis.
Les jours passeront, s'emoussera lentement le prestige du maquisard, seront plus penibles les humides nuits de l'hiver qui reveilleront la douleur, et les petits enfants effrayes que sa vision fera fondre en larmes, et la mere serrera dans ses bras son rejeton apeure, cachant son visage contre son epaule, et devant cette scene mille fois repetee tu n'oseras plus sortir dans la rue qu'avec l'obscurite, la tete enfuie sous la cagoule de ta kachabia, et tu fuiras la lumiere et les hommes.
Like many other fathers in the corpus, Ammi views his role as a maquisard during the war of independence as his "sacrifice" for his country, but Benaissa suggests that this heroic gesture alone has not been sufficient to save the generation represented by his sons, one of whom is now dead and the other (Farid) so alienated that he is about to carry out his first mission for an Islamist group after severing all ties with his family.
Raoul Denis, a maquisard (a French Resistance operative) had led an attack on a key bridge and section of road in the hope that it would delay the Germans' advance to Normandy.
Menouar Ziada, a former maquisard in the Algerian war for independence and now an insomniac who once reported the strange all-night lights in the inventor's studio, is instructed to kill himself in order to assuage the collective guilt.
After World War II, and having collaborated with the maquisard French Resistance, he opted for exile on the friendly shores of Mexico.