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(Placename) the ancient name for Samarkand


(ˌsæm ərˈkænd)

a city in SE Uzbekistan: taken by Alexander the Great 329 B.C.; Tamerlane's capital in the 14th century. 388,000.
Ancient, Maracanda.
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At a banquet--held, according to the historical record, in Maracanda (modern Samarkand in Uzbekistan) in November 328 B.
In Stone's film, the kiss between Alexander and Bagoas paves the way for the clash with Cleitus the Black (mentioned above), which takes place at a banquet held not in Maracanda, as indicated by the historical record, but in India.
August 328) after the destruction of the Maracanda relief column (October 329); besieged and captured the near-impregnable fortresses of the Sogdian and Chiorenes Rocks (January and February 327); married Roxane, daughter of Spitamenes, the leader of the Sogdian revolt and lord of the Sogdian Rock (March?