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Noun1.Marc Chagall - French painter (born in Russia) noted for his imagery and brilliant colors (1887-1985)Marc Chagall - French painter (born in Russia) noted for his imagery and brilliant colors (1887-1985)
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In the 1930s interest in modern art was low--but Katharine Kuh opened a gallery in Chicago anyway, exhibiting many then-obscure artists form Paul Klee to Ansel Adams and Marc Chagall.
Previous work showed that some bacterial species, including a strain of Pseudomonas chromatophila, can corrode metals present in solid crocoite, a mineral that artists, including Vincent Van Gogh and Marc Chagall, have used to make yellow or orange paint.
Foer's most affecting prose is employed by the grandfather to describe the firebombing of Dresden, a passage in which the book's main visual motif--bodies burning in air--acquires the strange, reverse gravity of a Marc Chagall canvas.
The local characters of Dvinsk ar as brightly colored as a painting from Marc Chagall, filled with restlessness and action.
New additions include Rembrandt (0836856511), Claude Monet (0836856503), Marc Chagall (083685649X), Botticelli (0836556481).
Marc Chagall on Art and Culture, edited by Benjamin Harshav.
Yet the obvious comparison is not with Garcia Marquez but with Kafka, and the image itself (of a centaur in a garden) recalls Maternity with Centaur (1957) by Marc Chagall, yet another Jewish Russian emigre.
One of the latest releases is Howard Greenfeld's The Essential Marc Chagall ([pounds sterling]7.
No single painting exists within a single school or tradition (remember Major's literary double consciousness and his desire to transgress): At any one time you can see elements from artists as diverse as Willem de Kooning, Archibald Motley, and Marc Chagall.
In the story's most singular twist, Varian Fry rescued legendary figures like Marc Chagall and Max Ernst, along with many lesser known artists and thinkers.
Should the crucified Jesus have a prayer shawl wrapped around his loins and float over a Jewish village to remind Christians that Jesus was a Jew, as Marc Chagall does in his painting "White Crucifixion"?
This musical fantasy, called The Green Violinist, was painted in 1918 by a famous Russian artist, Marc Chagall.