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n.1.A thin silk fabric used for linings, etc., in ladies' dresses.
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From this point of view the clasp with which Beaumarchis' Cherubin seizes Marceline is a stroke of genius.
She was walking with her nurse Marceline, in the place where the woodmen cut the wood, when, passing on horseback, I stopped.
Her one word "hurry" was conveyed by the crews to the engineers at Nickerson, Topeka, and Marceline, where the grades are easy, and they brushed the Continent behind them.
Marceline Harwood, from Llandaff, was at the service.
Julie Sheerman is a high school teacher in Marceline, Missouri, and she coordinates statewide professional development programs for the Missouri Writing Projects Network.
Golden Oak's homes will be divided into several micro- neighbourhoods, the newest of which, Marceline, launched in May 2013 with 75 sites for homes ranging from 3,800 to 6,000 square feet and priced from $ 1.
Marceline thought as she stared at the penciled calculations of her matric results.
Marceline Mukakarangwa- the demonstrator from Rwanda expresses her regret and says to the families of the kidnapped girls: This action may or may not have impact but at least we raised our voice.
SGN, Midland, Texas, 79702 and printed by Walsworth Publishing Company, Marceline, Mo.
Submitted by: Doh Marceline Kahndi and the Community Fluman Rights and Advocacy Centre (CHRAC), Cameroon
Marceline appears to be an amalgam (8) of Genka's other two sisters, Jeanne and Andree.