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(Plants) a type of liverwort plant
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Noun1.marchantia - type genus of MarchantiaceaeMarchantia - type genus of Marchantiaceae; liverworts that reproduce asexually by gemmae and have stalked antheridiophores
moss genus - a genus of mosses
family Marchantiaceae, Marchantiaceae - liverworts with prostrate and usually dichotomously branched thalli
Marchantia polymorpha, hepatica - a common liverwort
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At the same time, Mewari and Kumar (2008) also found that Marchantia polymorpha (methanol extract) was active on Candida albicans and T.
Sharma N, Jung C-H, Bhalla PL, Singh MB (2014) RNA Sequencing Analysis of the Gametophyte Transcriptome from the Liverwort, Marchantia polymorpha.
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Evaluacion del efecto del medio MS y la temperatura en el desarrollo de propagulos de Marchantia polymorpa L.
Further evidence of the uniqueness of the genus is provided by two introns that the genus shares with the liverwort Marchantia, but that are not round in other vascular plants, including lycophytes (Begu & Araya, 2009).
In vitro anti-plasmodial activity-guided fractionation of a diethyl ether extract of the liverwort species Marchantia polymorpha, collected in Iceland, led to isolation of the bisbibenzyl ether, marchantin A.
Especies indicadoras adicionales que figuran en esta comunidad son Marchantia plicata, Epilobium denticulatum, Lachemilla orbiculata, Hydrocotyle bonplandii, Bidens triplinervia y Paspalum hirtum.
Estos resultados son consistentes con los reportados por Shibaya y Sugawara (2007), quienes mostraron que las AGPs son moleculas fundamentales en la regeneracion de la pared celular en cultivos de protoplastos de Marchantia polymorpha.
Interest in this pathway by the senior author of this paper was initiated by physiological studies on the effects of this family of amino acids on the growth and development of the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha (Dunham and Bryan, 1969, 1971).
lt; 1%), Funaria hygrometrica (< 1%), Hypnum bambergeri (< 1%), Marchantia spp.