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n.1.In old English and in Scots law, a fine paid to the lord of the soil by a tenant upon the marriage of one the tenant's daughters.
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Marchet G, Perego A, Perotti S (2009) An exploratory study of ICT adoption in the Italian freight transportation industry.
The potential of this new solution are relevant and applicable to both the input and output stages of goods - refers Gino Marchet, Professor of the Polytechnic of Milan and Scientific Director Contract Logistics Observatory - in fact, the experimental determination of the sizes of packages and pallets enables optimization of many activities as stocks that transport (via WMS and TMS).
Headed by Olivier Rene Veillon and marketing topper Yann Marchet, the commission is in touch with foreign producers year-round, participating in several international events, such as the L.
It is of the utmost importance that platforms of all knowledge and learning must move with the times and be updated on the current and upcoming technological trends," said Herve Marchet, Group CTO, GEMS Education.
Herve Marchet, group chief technology officer, Gems Education, said: "It is of utmost importance that platforms of knowledge and learning must move with the times and be updated on the current and upcoming technological trends.
From an organisation point of view, adopting a BYOD solution also proves to be extremely cost effective and the solutions proposed by Aruba Networks will help us to implement BYOD in Gems Schools in an efficient manner," Marchet added.
Conforme Marchet (2001:34), com base em um contrato formal ou informal, a assimetria da informacao faz com que o agente ou o principal disponibilize recursos para um observar ou monitorar o outro, o que torna o custo dessa relacao um tanto quanto elevado.
We regret the bank started to yield to market's pressure,' Marchet said, adding the bank's situation was alright, despite a recent sell off of its shares.
ITALY: Marchet t i , Zambrotta, Cannavaro, Chiellini Criscito (Maggio 46), Gattuso (Quagliarella 46), De Rossi Montolivo (Pirlo 56), Pepe, Iaquinta, Di Natale.
CGI-animation naturally lends itself well to stereoscopic 3D, but on 3D live-action features, the lensing and postproduction has proved to be considerably more tedious and expensive," explains Yann Marchet, one of the organizers of Paris fx, the two-day showcase of Gallic vfx and animation that runs Dec.
These companies are banking on the merging of vidgames and films, Web series, TV productions and commercials," says Ile de France Film Commission's marketing topper Yann Marchet, who's one of the organizers of Parisfx--Creative Ile de France, the showcase of Gallic vfx, which runs Nov.