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Noun1.Mark Rothko - United States abstract painter (born in Russia) whose paintings are characterized by horizontal bands of color with indistinct boundaries (1903-1970)
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Why did the trajectory of Marcus Rothkowitz, who for the past eight years had been thrown into a dynamic, frenzied integration into American societyfrom Dvinsk to Portlandfalter so easily at this point, in less than two years in New Haven, which would surely seem to have so much to offer him?
Marcus Rothkowitz, que cambio su nombre por el de Mark Rothko en 1940 aunque lo registro legalmente hasta 1959, adjudicaba a un recuerdo de infancia los rectangulos que fueron conquistando su pintura como un habil batallon geometrico o bien como prefiguracion de los monolitos cosmicos de 2001: Odisea del espacio, esos umbrales que van a dar al fondo de lo ignoto al igual que las formas rothkianas.
Born Marcus Rothkowitz in Latvia (then part of the Russian Empire), Rothko immigrated to Portland in 1913.