n.1.A Marsh.
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The catching of fish is the focus of Mareis at Etaples, a museum dedicated to the fishermen who sailed from the now silted-up port.
Nee en 1946, Mareis est venue d'Allemagne au Maroc en visite chez une famille, et elle restee depuis a Casablanca.
Several works, including Souvenir des mareis de Fampoux (1871) were painted and signed by both artists.
One category that I thought well worth criticizing was the inclusion of "double" entries: for example, the cellists Mareis and Marzi are the same person; the pipers McLane and Neil M'Lean could be the same, so they should be cross-referenced; Nicolino is merely a diminutive for Nicola Haym; the Signora who signed a receipt "Io Cieca" is Francesca [Checa] Boschi; and "Signor N.