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n.1.(Zool.) A European whitefish of the genus Coregonus.
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Rosario Saenz, an environmental law expert and executive director of the Fundacion Nicaraguense para el Desarrollo Sostenible (Nicaraguan Foundation for Sustainable Development, FUNDENIC), thinks that to really improve things, the government ought to have made changes to the existing system rather than task the cash-strapped and understaffed MARENA with developing a whole new one.
Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC (DCF) has acted as exclusive financial advisor to Marena Group, Inc.
Jamie Baxter & Michael Trebilcock, "'Formalizing' Land Tenure in First Nations: Evaluating the Case for Reserve Tenure Reform" (2009) 7:2 Indigenous LJ 45; Mary Eberts, "Still Colonizing After All These Years" (2013) 64 UNBLJ 123; Marena Brinkhurst & Anke S Kessler, "Land Management on First Nations Reserves: Lawful Possession and Its Determinants" (2013) 8:2 Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development 78; Shiri Pasternak, "Private Property and the Conservative Agenda: Manny Jules, Hernando de Soto, and the First Nations Property Ownership Initiative" (2010) 8:9-10 First Nations Strategic Bulletin 1, online: Library and Archives Canada <www.
22) With the help of environmental and human rights activists, by May 1994 the Community negotiated a deal with MARENA and MADENSA whereby the community would benefit economically from the logging and the government would demarcate their traditional lands.
5% of the diversity of central American region (4) MARENA, The Nature Conservancy, (2010, p.
In December, villagers in San Dionisio del Mar clashed with sticks and stones, leaving five injured, over a mega-project by Marena Renovables, a consortium of Mexican, Australian and Japanese investors, including Mitsubishi.
Marena Perez and Jose Rodriguez, principals of the Ballet National de Puerto Rico, will delight audiences with their presence.
The UAE's best beach weather isn't far away, and now neither is celeb kaftan favourite Marena y Sol, who have just added a range at BurJuman.
said it will acquire a 34 percent stake in the 396 megawatt Marena Renovables wind power project planned in the Mexican state of Oaxaca with completion scheduled for July 2013.
You are the best, and I appreciate all of you who have been Board Members: Susanne Byrne, Kathy Ryan, Linda Lesperance, Deb Ingraffia-Strong, Kari Jo Passman, Julie Wagner, Linda Saunders, Marla Johnson, Beth Bomberger, Jean Lyon, TC Black, Cathy Dinauer, Carol Vickrey, Tricia Brown, Nancy Magnusson, Lorraine Bonaldi-Moore, Jeannette McHugh, Janet Bryant, Virginia Hayes, Pam Johnson, Brenda Harding, Jackie Alexander, Terry Ditton, Virginia Ennis, Marena Works.
Macquarie Mexican Infrastructure Fund (MMIF), a Macquarie's first managed fund in Latin America, has acquired Energia Alterna Istmena, Sde L de CV and Energia Eolica Marena, SA de CV from subsidiaries of Prenea, SA.