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attachment a worthy rival of the Mareva injunction for forum-shopping
The Mareva injunction is an interlocutory order that is generally solicited and granted ex parte at a special hearing and before a lawsuit is filed.
The rule requiring full disclosure seems to me to be one of the most fundamental importance, particularly in the context of the draconian remedy of the Mareva injunction.
Examples include the temporary restraining order, the antisuit injunction, the structural injunction, and the freezing order (which freezes a defendant's assets prior to judgment and is also called a Mareva injunction, after Mareva Compania Naviera S.
The most common are the Mareva injunction and the attachment of debts before judgment (or prejudgment garnishment).
This supplementary order entitles the claimant to get discovery both from the party whose assets have been frozen and a third party to whom notification of the Mareva injunction has been given.
It is probable that only a few people outside the law know what Anton Piller or Mareva Injunction mean, but that is not the point.
Plaintiff becomes claimant, writ - claim form, pleading - statement of case, statement of claim or points of - particulars of claim, summons or motion - application, interrogatories and further and better particulars - requests for information, discovery - disclosure, leave of the court - permission of the court, minor/infant - child, in camera or in chambers - in private, next friend or guardian ad litern - litigation friend, payment into court - Part 36 payment, subpoena - witness summons, taxation of costs - assessment of costs, taxing master - costs judge, Anton Piller order - search order, Mareva injunction - freezing injunction, inter partes - on notice, originating summons - alternative procedure, and ex parte - without notice
His work also led to the first worldwide Mareva injunction (freezing order) to protect suspect assets from dissipation.
In addition, the Supreme Court of British Columbia set aside the ex parte order and Mareva injunction granted Las Vegas Casino Inc.
for a stay of the judge's decision on Friday, October 15, 1999 to set aside the ex parte order and Mareva injunction formerly granted Las Vegas Casino Inc.