Margaret Thatcher

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Noun1.Margaret Thatcher - British stateswoman; first woman to serve as Prime Minister (born in 1925)
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Lindsay Sutton and Margaret Thatcher slept here - some years apart
NICOLA Sturgeon yesterday urged caution over a proposal to erect a statue of Margaret Thatcher in Scotland.
PLANS for a statue of Margaret Thatcher in Parliament Square have been rejected over its design and lack of approval from her family.
FRESHLY published papers from the early 1990s reveal details of meetings between Conservative PM Margaret Thatcher and her recently appointed Chancellor John Major.
JOHN Major was forced to placate a furious Margaret Thatcher over claims he was dismantling her legacy.
Steve Nallon as Margaret Thatcher in Dead Sheep You're about to tour the country with Dead Sheep after a record-breaking London run.
The production tells the remarkable story of how Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher fatally underestimated her Home Secretary, Geoffrey Howe, who delivered one of the most deadly political speeches ever made.
MARGARET Thatcher was warned to soften her Iron Lady image and display a more caring side, newly released documents show.
THE Conservative Party chose Margaret Thatcher as its new leader.
LABOUR's John Prescott has compared Nicola Sturgeon with Margaret Thatcher.
SO-CALLED Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher had the pseudonym "Mrs Stone" when travelling to the United States, newly released official documents show.