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Noun1.Marie Curie - French chemist (born in Poland) who won two Nobel prizesMarie Curie - French chemist (born in Poland) who won two Nobel prizes; one (with her husband and Henri Becquerel) for research on radioactivity and another for her discovery of radium and polonium (1867-1934)
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After a short illness in Maria Curie Hospice on 18th December, aged 60 years, Ken, dearly beloved husband of Angela, much loved dad of Natalie and Samantha.
For Maria Curie the most cherished values were: firstly, professional work (particularly scientific work); secondly, social utility of work and science; and, finally, science and education.
If no one else could do that, Maria Curie x-rayed wounded people at the front by herself, arriving at field hospitals with a van containing radiology equipment.
In the analyzed value system the second most important position is occupied by utility, which is understood by Maria Curie as altruism, social usefulness, and contribution to the progress of society.
Maria Curie understands science not only as the object of her work and a means of social progress and--in this way--as a means of common profit.
ECOTECH-COMPLEX, a consortium of five leading academic institutions in South East Poland (Medical University of Lublin, Institute of Agrophysics Polish Academy of Sciences in Lublin, University of Rzeszow, Rzeszow University of Technology, led by Maria Curie Sk?