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 (kə-rĕl′ē, kō-), Arcangelo 1653-1713.
Italian violinist and composer who is remembered for his 12 concerti grossi, which shaped the development of the concerto.


1. (Biography) Arcangelo (arˈkandʒelo). 1653–1713, Italian violinist and composer of sonatas and concerti grossi
2. (Biography) Marie, real name Mary Mackay. 1854–1924, British novelist. Her melodramatic works include The Sorrows of Satan (1895) and The Murder of Delicia (1896)


(kɔˈrɛl i, koʊ-)

Arcangelo, 1653–1713, Italian violinist and composer.
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Noun1.Corelli - Italian violinist and composer of violin concertos (1653-1713)
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Yet here he was going about the country clipping small boys over the ear-hole, and flinging loaves of bread at bank-clerks as if he were Henry James or Marie Corelli.
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Benson, the novelist; Daisy, Countess of Warwick and mistress of the notorious Edward VII; the extraordinary Marie Corelli (another novelist) and the historian of Hampton Court Palace, Ernest Law.
The case of Marie Corelli is different from that of Haggard.
But Dr Julia Cresswell, author of the Chambers Dictionary of First Names, pointed out many common names came from fiction, including Jessica, first found in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, and Mavis, invented by Marie Corelli in 1895.
It also includes chapters on Marie Corelli, who benefitted from a "morally deregulated" book market in the wake of Ward's triumphs; on sex novelists like Elinor Glyn, whose Three Weeks titillated its Edwardian audience with the fantasy of sex on a tiger skin; and on the women's imperial romance, which Hipsky insightfully aligns with the primitivist discourses of high modernism (66).
The collection has a usefully broad chronological range, moving from Jane Austen, the Countess of Blessington and the Books of Beauty through to Alice Meynell, Marie Corelli and the impact of the New Journalism.
Young put it in Punch, he was seen as "The rich man's MARIE CORELLI, the poor man's ANDRE GIDE.
53) Like De Quincey's work where the cityscape virtually becomes a character, Marie Corelli takes the Urban Gothic to greater heights.
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It is this landscape that is the subject of his book, which contains chapters exploring tensions between the Public Library Committee, fears around the immorality of art, reader demand, and financial restrictions of English public libraries; literatures available at the public arena of railway station; the role of the Oxford University Press in legitimizing the importance of certain works; and the ways certain popular authors (Hall Caine, Marie Corelli, Arnold Bennett, and Florence Barclay) were implicated in debates about fictional form, gender, race, art, morality, public spaces, religion, new technologies, and readers and how these debates were reflected in the way these authors were marketed and reviewed.