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 (măr′ĭn), John 1870-1953.
American painter noted for his semiabstract watercolors, including Brooklyn Bridge (1912).


(Biography) John. 1870–1953, US painter, noted esp for his watercolour landscapes and seascapes


(ˈmɑr ɪn)

John, 1870–1953, U.S. painter and etcher.
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The salmon boat had long since passed from sight behind a little archipelago known as the Marin Islands, so no help could be looked for from that quarter.
By dawn, what with the rowing of the fishermen, we made the Marin Islands.
Bank of Marin Bancorp (NASDAQ: BMRC), the parent company of Bank of Marin, has said that its board of directors has declared a quarterly cash dividend of USD0.
The Board of Directors of Bank of Marin Bancorp (NASDAQ: BMRC), parent company of Bank of Marin, has announced the appointment of Steven I.
He had been approached to do a wine, "but I said, no that market's too crowded," Marin notes.
Contract with Marin was signed at the Mehmet Ali Yylmaz Facilities with the attendance of Sportive Director SE-leyman Hurma.
The true heart of this story is how Marin copes with the loss of her mother and tries to build new relationships with her father and peers.
A Marin spokeswoman writes in a blog post that the deal, which is expected to close in middle of this month, will bolster Marin s social advertising tools, a Marin spokeswoman writes in a blog post.
Marin Software enables advertisers to optimize to downstream, latent revenue that occurs post lead capture.
With support, Marin becomes the only independent digital marketing platform to offer automated campaign creation, inventory management and feed management capabilities for Shopping Campaigns.
Although officials rushed to his aid and attempted to resuscitate him, Marin was dead within minutes.
Now Marin has celebrated his 21st birthday with mum Joan, 71, of Cook's Court, Ormesby, and he has also had a party with his friends at Brotton's Kilton View centre.