Lee Harvey Oswald

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Noun1.Lee Harvey Oswald - United States assassin of President John F. Kennedy (1939-1963)
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A central tenet of Baumgardner's argument is that when Robert Oswald purchased the coffin it became a gift to his dead brother's estate, said Brett Myers, the Dallas-based lawyer for Baumgardner, and the assassin's widow, Marina Oswald Porter, and their two daughters have not made a claim on the coffin.
Long remarried and living in rural Texas just 20 miles from Dealey Plaza, where Kennedy's brains were blown out, Marina Oswald Porter is said to be in poor health and struggling to cope with international interest in the anniversary.
It was relatively recently that the seller, Oswald's widow, Marina Oswald Porter, recovered the ring, which apparently sat forgotten for decades in the files of a Fort Worth lawyer who once did work for her.