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 (mə-rē′nō), Daniel Constantine Known as "Dan." Born 1961.
American football player. As a quarterback with the Miami Dolphins, he set several National Football League records, including those for career and single-season touchdown passes and passing yards.
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Noun1.Marino - Italian poet (1569-1625)
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In one long row, around the great hall, were painted the portraits of the Doges of Venice (venerable fellows, with flowing white beards, for of the three hundred Senators eligible to the office, the oldest was usually chosen Doge,) and each had its complimentary inscription attached--till you came to the place that should have had Marino Faliero's picture in it, and that was blank and black--blank, except that it bore a terse inscription, saying that the conspirator had died for his crime.
At the head of the Giant's Staircase, where Marino Faliero was beheaded, and where the Doges were crowned in ancient times, two small slits in the stone wall were pointed out--two harmless, insignificant orifices that would never attract a stranger's attention--yet these were the terrible Lions' Mouths
10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Marino Partners LLP, a financial services and corporate law firm, represented digital data and marketing firm, West World Media, LLC, in connection with the sale of the company to digital publishing company, Webedia US Corp.
The EU and San Marino signed today a landmark tax transparency agreement, constituting an important step forward in the fight against tax evasion.
The difference here being that San Marino are playing in the European Championship qualifiers, which are a long, drawn-out affair.
Ignazio Marino promised to bring order to Rome's chaos when he was elected mayor in a landslide last year.
Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Italy and San Marino in combination Andrian Elemesov during his visit to San Marino has met with Secretary of State - Minister of Foreign Affairs of San Marino Pascal Valentini, the press service of the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan reported.
Chef Pasquale Marino has achieved these new tastes through a number of different methods, including the use of his own hand-grown ingredients from his personal garden in Connecticut.
More information about San Marino is available on the San Marino Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet.
WALES U21 SAN MARINO U21 WALES UNDER-21S gained revenge on their San Marino counterparts with a thumping 4-0 European Championship qualification win at Bangor.
Ukraine 9 San Marino 0 SKIPPER Anatoliy Tymoschuk put the wind up England last night when he said: "Ukraine have got every chance of going to Brazil now.
WALES Under-21s went down to San Marino last night despite dominating possession as they failed to get their 2015 European Championship campaign back on track.