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 (măr′ĭs), Roger 1934-1985.
American baseball player who spent most of his career with the New York Yankees (1960-1966). In 1961 he surpassed Babe Ruth's single-season record of 60 home runs and was named the American League's most valuable player for the second year in a row.


(ˈmær ɪs)

Roger (Eugene), 1934–85, U.S. baseball player.
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Maris then sprang on Antilochus in hand-to-hand fight to avenge his brother, and bestrode the body spear in hand; but valiant Thrasymedes was too quick for him, and in a moment had struck him in the shoulder ere he could deal his blow; his aim was true, and the spear severed all the muscles at the root of his arm, and tore them right down to the bone, so he fell heavily to the ground and his eyes were closed in darkness.
Moreover, in order to ensure everybody's safety, Creta Maris Beach Resort purchased an automated external defibrillator.
The order would assure MARIS ECDIS900 delivered for 20 bulk carriers, comprising 12 newbuilds, while installation onboard further bulk carriers is under consideration.
Not unlike the worn eponymous card from 1964, Roger Maris refused to "go gentle into that good night," even in the apparent twilight of his fatiguing career.
We are also delighted that this special edition Golden Boy will support the Roger Maris Cancer Center.
Huge Eisteddfod fan Mari Lovgreen presents the hectic schedule from the Literary Pavilion, featuring the daily poetic jousting of the highly popular Ymryson y Beirdd.
agreed to pay at least $120 million in cash to the family of former home run king Roger Maris as part of a settlement that ended a defamation trial and other litigation, according to a regulatory filing the brewer made Wednesday.
Maris developed the suggestions and activities in this book during her experiences with her students.
The historical significance: Today is the 40th anniversary of Roger Maris breaking Babe Ruth's single-season home run mark.
What Maris has proposed is that loose electrons in ultracold liquid helium might split into fragments when exposed to light.