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 (mâr′ĭst, măr′-)
1. A member of the Society of Mary, a congregation of Roman Catholic missionary priests founded in 1836.
2. A member of the Little Brothers of Mary, a Roman Catholic teaching congregation founded in 1817.

[French Mariste, from Marie, the Virgin Mary, from Late Latin Maria; see marionette.]


(ˈmɛərɪst) RC Church
1. (Roman Catholic Church) a member of the Society of Mary, a religious congregation founded in 1824
2. (Education) NZ a teacher or pupil in a school belonging to the Marist Order
3. (Roman Catholic Church) NZ a teacher or pupil in a school belonging to the Marist Order
(Roman Catholic Church) of a Marist
[C19: from French Mariste, from Marie Mary (the virgin)]


(ˈmɛər ɪst, ˈmær-)

a member of a Roman Catholic religious order founded in Lyons, France, in 1816 for missionary and educational work in the name of the Virgin Mary.
[1875–80; < French Mariste]
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Upon returning "quite happily" to Malawi in 2009, he decided that, with Malawian Marists running the schools, it was time to move forward on a new project.
While there is some degree of government support through the group responsible for technical education, Dostie has cannily tapped his network of "old boys"--Canadian relations and friends, and the Marists themselves, to keep the program going.
While there are classic novels about men of God who go abroad and find themselves adrift, Fernand Dostie went to Africa as a Marist brother and found himself--as an educator, administrator and mentor to generations of students.
Over the decades, his Marist "band of brothers" has handed over more and more of their work to indigenous religious and local laypeople.
I soon learned to share and accept others as a fact of life," he said, adding that he first encountered the Marist Brothers as a boarding student at Beauceville Juniorate, a school about 30 miles from his home.
As a boarder in a Marist school during my secondary education, I fell in love with the Marist Brothers' way of life, of dedication to the youth, especially the ones in need," he said.
Dostie was raised 50 miles north of the American border, and didn't speak English until he attended Marist College.
After the years of training and study necessary to embrace the vocation of a Marist Brother, Dostie returned to Canada, where he spent four years teaching English at the military camp of Valcartier, followed by a brief stint at Levis Juniorate, a Marist secondary school.
Eventually," he said, "the school developed excellent sports teams and beat other Marist schools in national exams as well.
Marist swimmer Ben Thompson won the 200-yard individual medley, the 100 butterfly and swam a leg on Marists' winning 200 medley relay, but it wasn't enough for the Spartans, who lost 109-61 to North Eugene in a dual meet Friday at River Road.
Henry Keeney followed with a win in the 500 free, and the North 200 free relay beat out Marist in a close race.
Rachel Larsen and Brittany Silver also won events for Marist.