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(French maritɛ̃)
(Biography) Jacques (ʒak). 1882–1973, French neo-Thomist Roman Catholic philosopher


(ˌmær ɪˈtɛ̃)

Jacques, 1882–1973, French philosopher.
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With these disputed questions in mind and the positions presupposed in Balthasar's treatment of the question of damnation, I propose that the much lesser-known speculative opinion of philosopher Jacques Maritain is a better way to approach the definitive reality of human freedom in relation to God's infinite love.
Torre's "Maritain on the Natural Desire to See God: Reflections Appreciative and Critical" shows how Maritain both agrees and differs with Thomas on the possibility of seeing the beatific vision, "on the basis of our inherent intellectual inclination and the principle that it is impossible that such a desire be frustrated.
Seiling have gone to great lengths to offer a meaningful work that provides a well-structured and brilliantly researched quotable Maritain reader.
Dr Williams identifies similar factors as influenced Robert Schuman, founding father of the European Union; beliefs shared by French philosopher Jacques Maritain, an instigator of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
It is said that Paul VI considered giving a red hat to the Catholic philosopher and layman Jacques Maritain.
In a more adept account, the French philosopher Jacques Maritain corrected Joyce to note that integrity is based upon wholeness, or perfection, rather than mere individuation.
Years back, three Newman chaplains visited the papal nuncio when a certain Princeton chaplain was embarrassing them with his public attacks on Jacques Maritain, who taught there; all were named bishops.
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Tate saw in Stevens symptoms of the angelisme--the attempt to arrogate angelic powers to the human intellect--that Jacques Maritain had recognized in Descartes at the beginning of modernity.
Bringing in further points of view, for example Dietrich von Hildebrand and Jacques Maritain, only increases the amount of investigative journalism required.
The argument draws in Hellenistic and Byzantine aesthetics, Russian Modernism, the theological aesthetics of Jacques Maritain, Maximus the Confessor and the theory of classical Chinese and Zen painting, and quite a lot more.
After watching the neighbouring India send its Maritain probe, China also seems to be taking an interest in taking up a possible Mars exploration.