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(French maritɛ̃)
(Biography) Jacques (ʒak). 1882–1973, French neo-Thomist Roman Catholic philosopher


(ˌmær ɪˈtɛ̃)

Jacques, 1882–1973, French philosopher.
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He describes the presence of theological discussions in networks formed by interwar literary periodicals and how Eliot, Auden, and Jones engaged with theologians Karl Barth, Jacques Maritain and Maurice de la Taille, and Reinhold Niebuhr, Soren Kierkegaard, and Charles Williams, respectively, as well as questions about the relationship between nature and grace, time and eternity, and revelationAEs effects on Christian poetic practice; the nature of sacrament and how it relates to human sign-making; and the relationship between theology and history and how irony serves as the basis for an affirmative poetics and theology.
Called to comment, Maritain wrote, "Einstein showed himself to be a great virtuoso at the keyboard of signs but terrible as a contemplator of being.
For a variety of reasons, the scholastics of Maritain's study never developed a theory of art, and Maritain strove to fill this lacuna as a way of conferring religious authority upon the modern non-representational art associated with the Parisian avant-garde.
El gran teologo del neotomismo catolico a mediados del siglo XX, Jacques Maritain, seria, en buena medida, la desembocadura de aquel rio subterraneo de la cristiandad filojudia.
En ce sens le phenomene migratoire, appelle, de maniere pressante, une pensee du bien commun a laquelle la figure du saint proposee par Jacques Maritain dans Humanisme integral, offre une reponse.
With these disputed questions in mind and the positions presupposed in Balthasar's treatment of the question of damnation, I propose that the much lesser-known speculative opinion of philosopher Jacques Maritain is a better way to approach the definitive reality of human freedom in relation to God's infinite love.
Seiling have gone to great lengths to offer a meaningful work that provides a well-structured and brilliantly researched quotable Maritain reader.
Resumen: En este estudio se abordaran las relaciones entre santidad y mundo en cinco escritores europeos de la primera mitad del siglo XX: dos espanoles (Maragall y Maeztu) y tres franceses (Peguy, Maritain y Bernanos).
Dr Williams identifies similar factors as influenced Robert Schuman, founding father of the European Union; beliefs shared by French philosopher Jacques Maritain, an instigator of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
In a more adept account, the French philosopher Jacques Maritain corrected Joyce to note that integrity is based upon wholeness, or perfection, rather than mere individuation.
Years back, three Newman chaplains visited the papal nuncio when a certain Princeton chaplain was embarrassing them with his public attacks on Jacques Maritain, who taught there; all were named bishops.
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