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(Russian məriˈupəlj)
(Placename) a port in SE Ukraine, on an estuary leading to the Sea of Azov. Pop: 485 000 (2005 est). Former name (1948–91): Zhdanov


(ˌmær iˈu pəl)

a city in SE Ukraine, on the Sea of Azov. 529,000. Formerly (1948–89), Zhdanov.
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Mariupol is a city of approximately 530,000 in southeastern Ukraine, situated on the Azov Sea (Figure 2).
Several similar burial grounds were excavated upstream in the Dnieper system at sites such as Dereivka, and in the Orel' River basin at Osipovka and Hospitalny hill, as well as in the Sea of Azov Littoral at Mariupol and in the Crimea at Dolinka (Telegin 1991).
Mariupol Heavy Machinery is best protected from volatility in demand for railcars, while the revenues of pure wagon producer Dniprovahonmash are likely to decline after 2010.
Tenders are invited for Construction work on the construction of the facility "Overhaul of auxiliary hydraulic engineering berth number 2 of Mariupol sea port (MF SE" AMPU ")"
A spokesman for the Ukrainian presidential administration on military issues Oleksandr Motuzyanyk said Thursday the soldiers were killed outside Mariupol in the south and near Maryinka near the rebel stronghold of Donetsk.
BRUSSELS, Aug 17 (KUNA) -- The EU condemned Monday the upsurge in fighting between Ukrainian government forces and Russian-backed separatists near Mariupol in east of the country overnight in which several civilians were killed.
The military said 400 rebel fighters supported by tanks had attacked government forces around the village of Starohnativka, 50 km (30 miles) north of the Kiev-held port city of Mariupol.
Interior Ministry adviser Zoryan Shkiryak said the rebels were not only not observing the peace agreement, but were in fact building up forces in the southern Donetsk province, near the Ukrainian-held port city of Mariupol.
The separatists were reportedly also using tanks to attack the southern city of Mariupol.
In response, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews(The Fellowship) is providing a three-month emergency grant of $650,000 for medicine, food, housing, and security to Jews caught in this crisis in the port city of Mariupol and surrounding areas.
The US President vowed to "ratchet up pressure" after pro-Moscow rebels were blamed for 30 civilian deaths over the weekend in the southern city of Mariupol Mr Obama said: "I will look at all additional options available to us, short of military confrontation, and try to address this issue.
Mariupol (Ukraine): Pro-Kremlin rebels announced a major new offensive on Saturday after Grad rocket fire killed at least 30 people in a strategic government-held Ukrainian port linking rebel territory with Russian-occupied Crimea.