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a.1.Of or pertaining to an electrograph or electrography.
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The EASE system has 17 integrated components, including a scoring environment that facilitates faster, more efficient test scoring; a workflow interface for assessment processing that assists in managing the scoring process; OSC's proprietary Closed End Mark Sense Processing software; and embedded data cleaning, formatting and reporting C-type programming language that allows for user customization.
In short, the Court of Justice held that Google can take advantage of the safe harbour provisions of the E-commerce Directive and so is not directly liable for trade mark infringements as its AdWords program does not make use of keywords in a trade mark sense.
10In these days of EPOS and mark sense slips the receipt is king.
Goodwill in the trade mark sense is intangible, and may include such things as name familiarity, consumer loyalty and the associations that the public has with the trademark.
DMR recognition also has advantages over software mark sense technologies because it uses a grayscale image which improves accuracy.
DON'T throw away your old mobile phones, instead donate them to the National deaf/blind charity Sense' Send to the Recycling Centre, Freepost, NAT 5224, Peterborough, PE2 6BR and mark SENSE.
The procedure sheet used by Kaiser Permanente of Ohio is an optical mark sense form.
4 Mark sense and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Its technology employs sophisticated algorithms to correct common mark sense errors, including misidentification of erasures and bubbles.
It offers scan-line read and repair, as well as courtesy amount recognition, legal amount recognition, and mark sense detection on customer correspondence and remittance stubs -- dramatically reducing costly manual keystrokes and errors associated with mis-encoded checks.
The EASE System is comprised of seventeen integrated components, with the four most important being a Scoring Environment that provides a powerful set of tools that makes scoring fast and easy, a Workflow Interface that provides a unique combination of tools for assessment processing that assist in managing the scoring process, patented Closed End Mark Sense Processing Software, and embedded Data Cleaning, Formatting and Reporting 'C' like Programming Language that allows for unprecedented customization.
Using its core imaging technology and expertise, TMSSequoia has created software-based technology that delivers far more accuracy than current mark sense technology allows, rivaling the output of the mechanical OMR scanners, while eliminating some of the issues which arise when using specialized equipment which requires expensive high precision printed forms.