n.1.See Marquee.
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Durlacher (Mun) t-fall Ritter (StP) 19-3; 120: Markee (Min) major d.
Although there is an increasing body of CA-based studies done in educational settings, most of them focus on classroom discourse and interaction (see, for example, Gardner, 2013; Markee, 2015), rather than professional development.
Markee will remain an integral part of the Vitamin Shoppe in his role as non-executive chairman of the board, the company added.
Markee (2000) recognizes the relevance of five factors on global ELT: the influence of cultural views on language, dispositions to particular kinds of teaching and learning, explicit and implicit language policies and educational and institutional policies, and economic and demographic factors (Pennycook, 2014; Phillipson, 1992, 2009).
Patrick Markee, deputy executive director for Advocacy Coalition for the Homeless, said the "historic homelessness crisis" in New York had worsened since Mayor Bill de Blasio took office in 2014.
Deborah Markee, MSN Ed, RN, began her career as a registered nurse at Boston City Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.
This essay is dedicated to the memory of Joseph Eldridge Markee (1903-70) who was a professor of anatomy and chairman of the Department of Anatomy at the Duke University School of Medicine between 1943 and 1966.
According to Markee (1997) and Salcedo (2003), the project we developed is not only an implementation of a strategy but an opportunity for teachers to reflect about our classroom practices and to conduct research in situ and based on our own experience.
Our team needed a data center partner that could not only handle the stringent high-density power requirements, but also one that is extremely flexible and willing to work closely with us, states Jon Markee, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for Intel's Data Center Group.
Markee (2004) used the term "zone of interactional transition" (ZIT) for this interaction.