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As usual, the market side will be divided into five areas: The four towers (Tresor, Sorrento, Chateau and Versailles), the market floor (booths), meeting tables, meeting spaces (rooms), and poolside cabanas.
NRHA staffers Melanie Moul and Chad Husted attended Friday's educational sessions and checked out the market floor on Saturday morning.
It was demoted in the aftermath of a market crash that saw regulators set a market floor below which the local benchmark index was not allowed to fall for three months, paralyzing trading.
The event is free, however visitors can take advantage of VIP tickets giving an extra special insight into the Victorian building, balcony views and including one of the air raid shelters which survive underneath the market floor.
The city retaliated by halting janitorial services and refusing to buy sawdust for the market floor.
But while the new market site would have an indoor market floor space of 937sq m, compared to 960 sq m at the existing location, the external floor space would be reduced from 4,847 sq m to 3,140 sq m - a 35% decrease.
At these stores, the market floor literally becomes a classroom.
News about a very different festive event has filtered down to the market floor.
AT THE Cannes Film Festival, money is never far from the picture, from the buyers and sellers trading films on the market floor to the decadent yachts jockeying for position in the old port and the Gatsby-esque revels (a few thinly disguised as charity balls) raging until dawn.
Pictures showed pulverised tomatoes and bits of salad covering the blackened market floor.
And remember the so-called "Greenspan put," which used monetary policy to establish a stock market floor that led to financial bubbles?
One winter we had such a windy day the glass from the roof blew in and smashed onto the market floor, luckily no-one was hurt, but it was quite frightening.