Joiner's gauge

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an instrument used to strike a line parallel to the straight side of a board, etc.

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Other chapters in the first volume explore the corrosion resistance of X52 pipeline steel in the sea mud zone, stress uniformity in high-speed bearings for cold rolling, reverse engineering of optical lenses, and a hole-based self-centering marking gauge.
Other tools included: awls, a bevel, braces and bits, a bit extension, chisels (metal and wood), drills (breast and hand), files, a hatchet, ice picks, levels, a marking gauge, nail sets, planes, punches, rulers, saw sets, squares (combination, mitre, carpenter and frame), tin snips, a utility knife and vises.
Next, mark the top and bottom position of the hinges on the edge of the door frame, then hold each hinge against the door and mark round the hinge using a marking gauge or a sharp pencil.
Draw a line centrally on the edge of the door with a marking gauge, and use the lock body as a template to mark the top and bottom of the mortise.
Use a marking gauge to score the exact depth of the hinge flaps.
This is one of my favorite and most-used tools: a marking gauge ($15) with a hole drilled in it to accept a pencil.