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 (mär-kō′və, mär′kə-və), Dame Alicia Originally Lilian Alicia Marks. 1910-2004.
British ballerina known especially for her performance in Léonide Massine's Giselle.


(Biography) Dame Alicia. real name Lilian Alicia Marks. (1910–2004), English ballerina


(mɑrˈkoʊ və)

Alicia, (Lilian Alicia Marks), born 1910, English ballet dancer.
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Noun1.Markova - English ballet dancer (born in 1910)Markova - English ballet dancer (born in 1910)
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Introducing Markova at the award presentation, Agnes de Mille related this anecdote: "I remember one occasion where the incredible, absolute statement was made that she is probably the greatest single ballerina who has ever danced.
Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said Wednesday that the governments of Macedonia and Greece were working to reopen the Markova Noga-German border crossing in Prespa.
In Sofia, the maximum temperature is expected to reach about 17[degrees]C, Boryana Markova from theAaAeAeA National Institute of Meteorolo and Hydrology (NIMH)AaAeAeA toldAaAeAeA FOCUS News Age
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For now, though, there is fortunately less to fear than there is to cheer, says Natalia Markova, senior web content strategist with Jellyfish, a global digital agency.
The garment that adorned ballet legend Dame Alicia Markova during Swan Lake was the star lot at Fieldings Auctioneers' Stourbridge sale last week, realising PS2,600.
The very tutu that was wrapped around the slender waist of ballet legend Dame Alicia Markova during Swan Lake was the star lot at Fieldings Auctioneers' Stourbridge sale on Saturday, realising a staggering PS2,600.
Markova [7]--by the separation he operated between the mental, individual representations and the collective ones, the founder of the French school of sociology remained actually "faithful to the Kantian philosophy and even to Cartesianism".
Markova and McArthur make the tricky process as accessible as possible, providing strategies to identify disparate ways of thinking along with exercises, graphics, charts and supporting neuroscience.
The cover The cover and Fashion, by Valerie In an introductory essay to her sumptuous book, Dance and Fashion author Valerie Steel notes: "The first time a ballerina appeared on stage wearing nothing but an all-over white unitard was in 1925 in Paris when the 14-year-old Alicia Markova (soon to become of the finest dancers Britain ever produced) appeared in The Song of the Nightingale.
So renowned puppet designer Miroslav Trejtnar and filmmaker Tatana Markova teamed up to present the Velvet Revolution in a 30-minute movie that tells the story of more than a dozen children of the revolution -- now parents -- through the magic of animation.
Markova (2006b), en este sentido, defiende que hay al menos dos caracteristicas adicionales de la interdependencia entre la persona (definida como Ego) y el mundo social (definido como Alter), que hay que senalar.