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Of or relating to a probabilistic stochastic model in which predictions are made based only on the current state of the system, and not on any previous states.

[After Andrei Andreyevich Markov, (1856-1922), Russian mathematician.]
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Adj.1.Markovian - relating to or generated by a Markov process
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In other words, the model addresses an objective credit-granting indicator by cost-volume-profit analysis and assures the safety-first decisions through Markovian dynamic programming.
They discuss Markov Perfect Equilibria and Eaton and Engers (1990) deal with the two-firm product differentiation oligopoly model in a Markovian framework by assuming that firms set prices in alternating periods.
t+m] Survival probabilities are time dependent with an additive effect due to Markovian temporary emigration of some individuals out of the study area.
Hence, our framework describes comparative data as the result of a continuous time, Markovian stochastic process, X(t), modeling the phenotypes of species as they change through evolutionary time.
Zhong, "LMI-based stability criterion for impulsive delays Markovian jumping time-delays reaction-diffusion BAM neural networks via Gronwall-Bellman-type impulsive integral inequality," Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol.
n], is worked on, then an active reward R is earned, and its state changes in a Markovian fashion, according to an active transition probability matrix (into state [j.
begin with an introductory and comprehensive account of the theory of (symmetric) Dirichlet forms, which they explain as an axiomatic extension of the classical Dirichlet integrals in the direction of Markovian semigroups.
They introduce stochastic processes, Poisson processes, discrete-time and continuous-time Markov chains, and close with a full description of Markovian queuing systems.
The researchers came to these conclusions by using an approach called pair-wise sequential Markovian coalescent.
Markovian IDS an intrusion detection system to protect nodes from malicious attacks.
13](ii) it extends from the analysis of the Markovian queue with two heterogeneous servers studied by Yue et al.