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(Placename) the Hungarian name for the Mureş


(ˈmʊər ɛʃ)

a river in SE central Europe, flowing W from the Carpathian Mountains in central Romania to the Tisza River in S Hungary. 400 mi. (645 km) long. Hungarian, Maros.
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The men wore the maro, a band one foot in width and several feet in length, swathed round the loins, and formed of tappa, or cloth of bark; the kihei, or mantle, about six feet square, tied in a knot over one shoulder, passed under the opposite arm, so as to leave it bare, and falling in graceful folds before and behind, to the knee, so as to bear some resemblance to a Roman toga.
44: Maro (56), whose father, it is said, Hesiod relates to have been Euanthes the son of Oenopion, the son of Dionysus.
The Maros and Taro simulation engine combines more than 30 years of DNV GL experience in assisting oil and gas companies to identify optimum design configuration, maintenance strategy and risk associated with the operation of upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas assets.
Maros and Taro are at the forefront of technology for modelling assets in the oil and gas industry.
Maros Lite now brings RAM analysis to a much wider market, empowering users to attain best return on investment with fast, informed and effective decisions on the performance of a single unit process industry asset.
Personally, I thank Maros for his efforts while he was with us and wish him all the best.
At Intelliworks, Maros will oversee a proactive, customer-focused team of engineering, quality assurance, and professional services employees, leading them to provide the highest caliber of customer service.