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Mineralization is hosted in the Paramaka Formation within the lower part of the Marowijne Greenstone Belt, which is dominated by metamorphosed basalts in the immediate project area.
Suriname and France also have a river/border dispute involving the resource-rich Marowijne river; the key question being whether the Marowini or the Litani is the source of the river, which in turn carries implications for its ultimate ownership and consequently control of downstream resources.
The Waurau lived around the Orinoco Delta and in the swampy regions of Western Guianas, while the Arawak occupied the area further east, maybe even as far as the Marowijne River in Suriname.
The survey, which measured alcohol, cigarette, and drug use in the general public, showed that the drugs of choice are alcohol and cigarettes, and that less than one percent of respondents admitted to cocaine use in the month prior to the survey (except in the Districts of Commewijne and Marowijne, where the percentage was 1.
Langamankondre (locality 7) is on the west bank of the Marowijne River, in a part of Surinam where gallery forests commonly interrupt the coastal savannas.
The government ran an education campaign for journalists, religious groups, youth organizations, officials, labor unions, brothel owners, and NGOs, and conducted a specialized campaign in the Marowijne District.
Meanwhile a Chinese company, China Zhong Heng Tai, is reportedly waiting for the go-ahead, to start its palm oil project in the eastern Marowijne District.
The concessions are located partly in the district of Brokopondo where the creeks flow into the Blommenstein reservoir, forming part of the drainage area of the Suriname River, and the district of Sipaliwini where the creeks are part of the drainage area of the Marowijne River.