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or Mar·ra·kech  (măr′ə-kĕsh′, mə-rä′kĕsh)
A city of west-central Morocco in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Founded in 1062, it is a commercial center noted for its leatherwork.


or Mar•ra•kech

(ˈmær əˌkɛʃ, ˌmær əˈkɛʃ)

a city in W Morocco. 745,541.
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Noun1.Marrakesh - a city in western MoroccoMarrakesh - a city in western Morocco; tourist center
Al-Magrib, Kingdom of Morocco, Maroc, Marruecos, Morocco - a kingdom (constitutional monarchy) in northwestern Africa with a largely Muslim population; achieved independence from France in 1956
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This book explores the mystique of Marrakesh through 40 travel writers who have succumbed to the enchantment of the city.
Every day, Mohammad Jabiri sets up shop in the main square of Marrakesh, Morocco.
The official opening of negotiations on the liberalisation of trade in services between the EU and Mediterranean countries should be the main tangible result of the fifth Euro-Mediterranean trade conference on 24 March in Marrakesh, Morocco.
You can ski in the Atlas Mountains and on the same day sun bathe by the pool 30 miles away in Marrakesh, sipping a gin and tonic.
The folks about the hotel bar at the Le Meridien in Marrakesh certainly won't forget.
But the myriad of stalls in the markets of mind-blowing Marrakesh make it difficult for visitors to be off their guard in any case.
As we career headlong through our technological age, Morocco's imperial cities of Marrakesh and Fez maintain a link with a bygone era.
Abdelghani Mzoudi, a 29-year-old electrical engineering student originally from Marrakesh, Morocco, is arrested in Hamburg, Germany, on suspicion of providing logistical support to the Hamburg Al Qaida cell.
Ideally placed to control the trans-Saharan trading caravans passing through the High Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh became one of the most powerful and wealthy trading centres in the whole of North Africa.
Ditto for Bella Pronto pestos and some Near East pastas and Marrakesh Express and Bean Cuisine bean-and-pastas.
The Jew Salomon, a merchant in Marrakesh, has gone to Fatoum's village with the mission of bringing her back to Marrakesh, where she is asked to recount her visions to the Jewish holy men.
New York - Square None, manufacturer of ceramic tableware, introduced a new leaf-design collection, called Marrakesh, and a group of slip cast ceramic candlesticks at the International Gift Show here last week.