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n.1.One who marries.
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The two were identified as Abraham Maloth Marrier, the commissioner of Rumbek North county and Elizabeth Poth Dumic, a state advisor.
Annie DuBois 6-1, 6-0; Lyndsey Sweatland-Megan Marrier d.
Dom Pierre Combe, OSB, and Theodore Marrier and William Skinner, trans.
Another accused namely Maqbool on recovery of fireworks items was also rounded up by Civil Line police from Marrier Hassan area.
The number of users doing online research on a mobile device increases every year, so it is imperative for businesses like CUDC to keep up with the trends and utilize adaptive technology in order to display content optimized for different devices," said Marsha Marrier, director of marketing at CU Direct Connect, a Centennial, Colo.
He had a nightmare in the 6-0 loss to Chelsea last month and only avoided a red card because ref Andre Marrier thought Kieran Gibbs had handled Eden Hazard's shot instead of him.
Anhydrous citric acid was estimated based on the rapid method for the determination of citric acid using pyridine-acetic anhydride method of Marrier and Boulet [14] and Guebel and Torres Darias [15].
Jacques Marrier d Unienville, Chief Executive Officer, Omnicane Limited commented: With a new terminal at Mauritius Airport in the pipeline, the need for an airport hotel has never been greater.
rear admiral a lad marrier pun: shipboard wedding official, or gay ("rear" indeed)
The labour leaders locked the office and a protest was held outside City Circle Office situated at vicinity of Marrier Hassan .
Different kinetic models, such as Arrhenius, Coats & Redfern, Horowitz & Metzger, and Ingraham & Marrier et al, were used to analyze thermogravimetric data obtained [1].