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Noun1.Marshall McLuhan - Canadian writer noted for his analyses of the mass media (1911-1980)
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When Marshal McLuhan (1962) talked about the world becoming a global village via the onset of technology, he was predicting the information age we presently live in.
Philosophy of media from Innis and McLuhan's view: it is hardly imaginable that someone talks about media philosophy and does not name Harold Innis and Marshal McLuhan.
Marshal McLuhan was the first who made the connection between media and globalization by combing two concepts, "the Medium is the message" and "Global Village".
Media expert Marshal McLuhan once wrote that he simply pointed out what was happening in the present; and because most people lived in the past, they thought he was being prophetic.
A related issue, raised by Marshal McLuhan and pursued more recently by the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy, is whether the medium itself shapes the way people respond.
Se detiene, ademas, en las obras de Marshal McLuhan, Niklas Luhmann o Zygmut Bauhman.