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Noun1.Marsilea - clover fernsMarsilea - clover ferns        
clover fern, pepperwort - any of several water ferns of the genus Marsilea having four leaflets
Marsilea quadrifolia, water clover - water fern of Europe and Asia and the eastern United States distinguished by four leaflets resembling clover leaves
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
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Algunos autores como Boullard (1979), Harley y Harley (1987), Gemma, Koske y Flynn (1992) y Muthukumar y Udaiyan (2000) han reportado la ausencia de colonizacion micorrizica arbuscular en helechos y licofitas acuaticas, sin embargo, Bajwa, Yaqoob y Javaid (2001) reportaron colonizacion micorrizica arbuscular en Marsilea vestita Hook.
Occurrence and Paleoecology of Marsilea from Eocene Wasatch Formation, Johnson County, Wyoming.
Eclipta alba (Linn), Ludwigia parviflora (Roxb, 1820), Cyanotis axillaris (Don, 1826), Monochoria vaginalis (Presl, 1827), Marsilea quadrifoliata (Linn), etc.
com)-- The public is invited to tour a professionally decorated model at Marsilea, a community of only 18 luxurious homes in the heart of North Naples.
Common lifeforms include erect emergent sedges (Eleocharis, Carex, Cyperus, Bolboschoenus and Baumea species), rushes (Juncus species), grasses (Glyceria and Amphibromus species) and amphibious herbs with floating or emergent leaves (Myriophyllum, Triglochin, Orn duffia, Marsilea, Ranunculus and floating-leaved Potamogeton species).
Bioaccumulation of lead has been detected in macrophytes such as the aquatic ferns Marsilea minuta L.
C Chamaephyte 2 mariana Juncus emmanuelis S Helophyte 2 Lavandula viridis S Chamaephyte 2 Limonium algarvense S Hemicryptophyte 2 Limonium ovalifolium S Chamaephyte 2 Loeflingia baetica S Terophyte 2 Malva hispanica S Chamaephyte 2 Marsilea batardae S Helophyte 2 Mercurialis reverchonii S Chamaephyte 2 Narcissus asturiensis N Geophyte 1B Nothobartsia asperrima NS Chamaephyte 2 Ononis broteriana NS Terophyte 2 Ononis cintrana S Terophyte 2 Otospermum glabrum S Terophyte 2 Paradisea lusitanica N Geophyte 1C Pistorinia hispanica NS Terophyte 1C Plantago monosperma N Chamaephyte 1C subsp.
Influence of culturing conditions on growth and sporulation of Drechslera hawaiiensis, the foliar blight pathogen of Marsilea minuta L.
The algal blooms can be controlled by introducing the duck weed, Lemna minor, Marsilea minuta formed the shad on the planktonic algae.
Analytical work was also carried out on polluted and non-polluted Marsilea minuta plants for the biological activity of Cd and Cr [27].
The ultrastructure of the developing sorophore of Marsilea vestita.
X MARSILEACEAE (Pepperwort Family) Marsilea vestita Hook.