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Noun1.Marsileaceae - clover fernsMarsileaceae - clover ferns        
genus Marsilea, Marsilea - clover ferns
genus Regnellidium - one species of aquatic or semiaquatic fern
fern family - families of ferns and fern allies
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Anemia wrightii Baker Anemia wrightii Baker Schizaea poeppigiana Sturm Schizaea poeppigiana Sturm Marsileaceae Marsilea nashii Underw.
X MARSILEACEAE (Pepperwort Family) Marsilea vestita Hook.
The families Azollaceae, Equisetaceae, Lygodiaceae, Marsileaceae, Polypodiaceae, and Salviniaceae are represented by a single species each.
of Peradeniya and government agencies of Sri Lanka and the Overseas Development Administration of the UK, contributors offer the latest on fern allies such as psilotaceae and isoetaceae, leptosporangiate (aquatic) ferns such as salviniaceae and marsileaceae, and the full range of eusporangiate ferns.
2) Species of Pteridaceae have a wide range of values of DV and SD, while the other families have either low to intermediate values (Anemiaceae, Aspleniaceae, Dryopteridaceae, Marsileaceae, Polypodiaceae, Tectariaceae, Thelypteridaceae) or high values (Woodsiaceae) of these characteristics (Fig.
The following families are in the order Polypodiales treated in this paper are Dryopteridaceae (wood fern family), Hymenophyllaceae (filmy fern family), Lygodiaceae (climbing fern family), Marsileaceae (water-clover family), and Osmundaceae (royal fern family).