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(Biography) John. ?1576–1634, English dramatist and satirist. His works include the revenge tragedies Antonio and Mellida (1602) and Antonio's Revenge (1602) and the satirical comedy The Malcontent (1604)


(ˈmɑr stən)

John, c1575–1634, English playwright.
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The plays which Jonson produced during the following years were chiefly satirical attacks on other dramatists, especially Marston and Dekker, who retorted in kind.
John Marston, as well, has too little delicacy or reserve; he also wrote catch-as-catch-can non-dramatic satires.
Shakspere's later contemporaries, under Elizabeth and James I: Jonson, Chapman, Dekker, Heywood, Middleton, Marston, Beaumont and Fletcher, Webster.
My conjecture had been correct: the strangers had slipped in before us, and they now stood by the vault of the Rochesters, their backs towards us, viewing through the rails the old time-stained marble tomb, where a kneeling angel guarded the remains of Damer de Rochester, slain at Marston Moor in the time of the civil wars, and of Elizabeth, his wife.
When Greene himself had entered the Middle Temple in 1595 his own sponsors were the two John Marstons, father and son.
Last month staff at Marstons Chicken Shop in Leeds Road, Bradley, sold chicken for just a PS1 with all proceeds going to the charity.
And Holloway insisted, in private letters to her grown children, that the arrangement was grounded in the trio's strong beliefs in Marston's psychology of emotions and in notions of "love bindings" that dated from the first meetings between Byrne and the Marstons in the late 1920s.
Out of business: Trevor and Barbara Astin, who ran the Old Crown in Staffordshire, say Marstons misrepresented overheads when they took it on to save it.
Acouple who took on one of Staffordshire's oldest village pubs have accused pub group Marstons of driving them out of business over "misrepresentation" of overheads.
A pounds 200m mixed-use scheme has secured its latest tenant with Marstons pub chain signing up to build an outlet on the site.
Marstons, which has 2,200 pubs and brews Pedigree and Banks's bitter, saw profits fall 13.