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 (nē′mœ′lər, -mŭl′ər), Martin 1892-1984.
German Protestant clergyman who at first supported the Nazi regime but was later interned in concentration camps (1938-1945). After the Second World War, he became a prominent advocate for peace and disarmament and served as president of the World Council of Churches (1961-1968).


(German ˈniːmœlər)
(Biography) Martin (ˈmartiːn). 1892–1984, German Protestant theologian, who was imprisoned (1938–45) for his opposition to Hitler


(ˈni mœ lər)
Martin, 1892–1984, German Lutheran clergyman.
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If we don't stand for everyone's rights we may, like Martin Niemoller, discover that "Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.
One of the most powerful and thought provoking drama inspired performances of the evening came from the students studying GCSE drama who performed as a group reciting First They Came by Pastor Martin Niemoller.
Its most important leader, Martin Niemoller, was a self-confessed anti-Semite: he is now best known for his confession, made after the war, that he was silent when Jews, communists, and trade unionists were arrested, so when he himself was taken, no one was left to speak for him.
What we see is a slow awakening similar to what happened to a Lutheran pastor, Martin Niemoller, who first supported Hitler's rise to power.
El poema del pastor Martin Niemoller --que equivocadamente se le atribuye a Bertolt Brecht, aunque el mismo lo habria firmado con gusto--lo dice en relacion con la Alemania nazi: "Cuando los nazis vinieron a buscar a los comunistas, guarde silencio,/ porque yo no era comunista,/ cuando encarcelaron a los socialdemocratas, guarde silencio/ porque yo no era socialdemocrata,/ cuando vinieron a buscar a los sindicalistas, no proteste,/ porque yo no era sindicalista,/ cuando vinieron a buscar a los judios, no pronuncie palabra,/ porque yo no era judio, cuando finalmente vinieron a buscarme a mi/ no habia nadie mas que pudiera protestar".
These developments, together with an increasing sense of isolation, as former associates now considered him a liability, (9) and flagrant abuses of the rule of law, prompted a protest against the wholly unlawful imprisonment of Protestant Pastor Martin Niemoller, whose arrest, in Wiechert's eyes, showed contempt for the principles of justice.
Daeth sylw Martin Niemoller i'r meddwl yn ystod y dyddie diwethaf: "Daethon nhw am y rhain, a wedes i ddim, daethon nhw am rai eraill a bum yn dawel.
If you want to see this change, it doesn't matter what your beliefs, your party or your thoughts are: Keep these words from German priest Martin Niemoller -- who warned against the fascism taking over Germany -- in mind, and don't forget them:
Comparado con Hitler incluso por algunos dirigentes republicanos como la ex gobernadora de Nueva Jersey, Christine Tbdd Whitman, y criticado hasta por el propio presidente Barack Obama, algunos periodicos como el Daily Newsletter publicaron una caricatura en primera plana en la que se ve a Trump despues de decapitar con una cimitarra la Estatua de la Libertad (el metodo de ejecucion favorita del Estado Islamico) con un texto que parodia el famoso poema del pastor protestante aleman Martin Niemoller (1892-1984), atribuido erroneamente a Bertolt Brecht: "When Trump came for the Mexicans, I did not speak out, as I was not a Mexican.
King and Martin Niemoller mentioned, then we should not favor one religion over another.
6 -- Nearly 70 years ago, Pastor Martin Niemoller (1892-1984) wrote a poem about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis' rise to power and the subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group.