Martin Van Buren

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Noun1.Martin Van Buren - 8th President of the United States (1782-1862)Martin Van Buren - 8th President of the United States (1782-1862)
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OK survived in part because of its use in other contexts; it later became the name for the OK Club, a political organization that supported President Martin Van Buren.
Martin Van Buren is the one who popularized the use of the term "OK.
Shafer (retired from the Wall Street Journal) demonstrates that the 1840 presidential election between Martin Van Buren and William Henry Harrison was the turning point that began the trend toward the use of advertising and promotion during presidential campaigns.
The property was mentioned in Herman Melvilles Moby-Dick and has hosted notable figures including John Marshall, James Monroe, Henry Clay, Sam Houston, Martin Van Buren, and Calvin Coolidge.
Joel Poinsett, South Carolinian secretary of war under President Martin Van Buren, became the first of a number of patrons of Fremont by enlisting him in a survey of the upper Mississippi under the Frenchman Joseph Nicollet in 1839.
An Authenticated History of the Bell Witch by Martin van Buren Ingram.
Polk beat Martin Van Buren for the Democratic nomination, the party's libertarian-leaning anti-slavery wing had to take a back seat to the slaveholders and expansionists.
In 1836, Martin Van Buren was elected the eighth president of the United States.
She never cites Major Wilson's The Presidency of Martin Van Buren, the best book by far not only on Van Buren's presidency but also on the Independent Treasury.
Author Elizabeth van Buren, granddaughter of US President, Martin van Buren, opened the issue in the 1980s, and it is believed that her writings have also helped to make the village popular.
Hayes are at the top of the class, while Chester Arthur, Herbert Hoover and Martin Van Buren received failing grades.
When did Martin van Buren become president of the US?