Martin of Tours

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Mar·tin of Tours

 (mär′tn, mär-tăN′; to͝or, to͞or), Saint ad 316?-397?
Roman soldier who converted to Christianity, became bishop of Tours (371), and is revered as a patron saint of France.
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Martin of Tours was one of his most avid followers.
Martin of Tours before the pagoda set sail, Bishop Jose Oliveros of the Malolos Diocese said the annual event should be remembered for its Catholic relevance, and not just as a cultural event, because the pagoda carries the symbol of the death and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
Contract notice: Provision of Insurance and related Services to St Martin of Tours H.
Martin of Tours after he became a bishop and the undocumented claim that early medieval Irish monks and nuns may have acted as confessors do not constitute a persuasive case for the exercise of sacramental absolution by laypeople.
The group met at St Martin of Tours Church Hall, Whinney Banks.
It is also the feast day of St Martin of Tours, a 4th-Century Hungarian soldier who became Patron Saint of France.
Martin of Tours, for example, became a highly regarded churchman, but Butler's Lives of the Saints (Christian Classics) says he has "rather curiously come to be looked on as a 'soldier saint.
A fourth-century biography of Antony by Bishop Athanasius of Alexandria was hugely influential in creating an enduring model of sanctity Other works followed, such as Sulpicius Severas' Life of Martin of Tours, which became a "best-seller" in the West.
The phrase comes to us from those praying, in centuries past, to St Martin of Tours, patron saint of military men: O me Beati Martin (O Blessed Martin).
He looks after St Mary's and St Martin of Tours churches in the West Wales town.
Paul Mackness is vicar of Haverfordwest, who looks after St Mary's and St Martin of Tours churches in the Pembrokeshire town.
Stallone was comforted by wife Jennifer Flavin and his brother Frank at the memorial service at St Martin of Tours Catholic Church.