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 (mär′vəl), Andrew 1621-1678.
English metaphysical poet whose frequently satirical work includes the poems "To His Coy Mistress" and "The Definition of Love," both published posthumously.


(Biography) Andrew. 1621–78, English poet and satirist. He is noted for his lyrical poems and verse and prose satires attacking the government after the Restoration


(ˈmɑr vəl)

Andrew, 1621–78, English poet.
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Noun1.Marvell - English poet (1621-1678)Marvell - English poet (1621-1678)    
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All the lyric poets of whom I have told you were Royalists, but the Puritans too had their poets, and before ending this chapter I would like to tell you a little of Andrew Marvell, a Parliamentary poet.
If Herrick was a lover of flowers, Marvell was a lover of gardens, woods and meadows.
Yet although Marvell loved Nature, he did not live, like Herrick, far from the stir of war, but took his part in the strife of the times.
And no one perhaps wrote with more grave sorrow of the death of Charles than did Marvell, and that too in a poem which, strangely enough, was written in honor of Cromwell.
After the Restoration Marvell wrote satires, a kind of poem of which you had an early and mild example in the fable of the two mice by Surrey, a kind of poem of which we will soon hear much more.
Andrew Marvell, a very moderate Puritan, joined with Milton in his office of Latin Secretary under Cromwell, wrote much poetry of various sorts, some of it in the Elizabethan octosyllabic couplet.
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These two recent publications, the first by Robert Ellrodt which focuses on seven sixteenth and seventeenth-century "metaphysical" poets from the perspective of what Ellrodt terms "the unchanging self," and the second, ably edited by Warren Chernaik and Martin Dzelzainis, which presents fourteen original essays on Andrew Marvell and the concept of liberty, consider their materials from very different critical perspectives, with quite different results.
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A history of pastoral that concluded with Milton rather than Marvell would, undoubtedly, seem more expansive" (11).
1) and toward the end of The Second Part Marvell makes a point of rebutting this claim as yet another instance of Parker's malicious immoderation.
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