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 (măs′ə-rĭk, mä′sä-), Tomáš Garrigue 1850-1937.
Czechoslovakian politician who served as the first president of independent Czechoslovakia (1918-1935). His son Jan Garrigue Masaryk (1886-1948) was the foreign minister of the provisional government in London (1940-1945) and the restored government in Prague (1945-1948).


(ˈmæsərɪk; Czech ˈmasarik)
1. (Biography) Jan (jan). 1886–1948, Czech statesman; foreign minister (1941–48). He died in mysterious circumstances after the Communists took control of the government
2. (Biography) his father, Tomáš Garrigue (ˈtɔmaːʃ ˈɡarik). 1850–1937, Czech philosopher and statesman; a founder of Czechoslovakia (1918) and its first president (1918–35)


(ˈmæs ə rɪk)

1. Jan (yän), 1886–1948, Czech statesman (son of Tomáš).
2. To•máš Gar•rigue (ˈtɔ mɑʃ ˈgɑ rɪk) 1850–1937, 1st president of Czechoslovakia 1918–35.
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