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Noun1.Mashi - a Bantu language
Bantoid language, Bantu - a family of languages widely spoken in the southern half of the African continent
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by Tara Mashi at that time while now it was repeated by Asif Ali Zardari.
ZAB was hanged by Tara Mashi at that time while now it was repeated by Asif Ali Zardari.
PESHAWAR -- Lahore Gymkhana professional Sunny John Mashi recorded historical Hole-in-One over hole no.
Floral Pavilion Theatre, Marine Promenade, New Brighton, 0151 666 0000 - Fri, 27 Oct Tales of Birbal Travelling story-tellers Mashi and Bhanji earn their keep by re-creating enchanting tales of the great Moghul King Akbar and his wise companion, Birbal.
January, 2017 the cleaning system was implemented at the car wash in Rosbank head office, located on Mashi Poryvaevoy street, 34.
Coping with pregnancy: experiences of adolescents in Ga Mashi, Accra.
Mujahid Azam, Junior Clinical Technician Pharmacy (BPS-12), and six class 4th employees, Mr Ziaqat Ullah, Ward Orderly, Mr Hamayum Khan, Ward Orderly, Mr Niaz Muhammad, Cook, Mr Rooh ul Amin, sweeper, Mr Yaqoob Mashi, sweeper are relieved from MTI KTH on the Compliance Hon'ble Peshawar High Court to report to Director General Health Services Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar with immediate effect.
mASHI Staining in Normal Tissues (n = 30) Organ mASH1 Expression Adrenal - Bladder - Bone - Bone marrow - Cerebellum + Colon - Esophagus - Heart - Kidney - Larynx - Liver - Lung - Mesothelium - Parathyroid - Peripheral nerve - Pituitary - Placenta - Prostate - Salivary gland - Skeletal muscle - Skin - Small intestine - Spleen - Stomach - Thyroid + (thyroid C cells) Testis - Tonsil - Thymus + (epithelial cells) Uterine cervix - Uterus - Abbreviations: -, negative; +, positive.
They send their children to learn the Bengali language, Gogol learns to read and write his ancestral alphabets, he must remember to say not uncle and aunt but mashi, mama, maima, dada and kaka, throughout the novel Gogol calls his parents Ma and Baba.
The Mukhtar of Ravini village located within the "Barwari Bala" area said that the Turkish warplanes bombed during the mentioned period several times sites belonging to the Berwari area, indicating that the bombing also included Kilka village in Kanye Mashi.
formula feeding plus zidovudine for 1 month to reduce mother-to-child transmission in Botswana: A randomized trial: The Mashi study.