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n.1.(Med.) An excitant containing opium, much used by the Turks.
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L'epuisement professionnel etait mesure par le Maslach Burnout Inventory--General Survey en 16 items (MBI-GS).
Maslach and Leiter (1997) conceptualized engagement as the opposite of burnout: the former stands for a feeling of involvement, energy and being effective as opposed to feeling exhausted, or being cynical and ineffective, which are the manifestations of burnout.
Cooper and Schaufeli, Maslach & Marek showed that stresses caused by job lead to mental, physical and behavioral reactions.
KBHICZ ve KBHIT Olceklerinin uyum gecerligini saptamak uzere ayrica Sifat Listesi (Adjective Check List-ACL), Maslach Tukenmislik Olcegi (Maslach Burnout Inventory-MBI) ve Durumluk ve Surekli Kaygi Olcegi (State Trait Anxiety InventorySTAI) kullanilmistir.
Teachers are described as experiencing burnout when the stress they encounter overcomes their resources and abilities to cope adequately, leading them to feel exhausted, cynical, or unaccomplished in their work (Hakanen, Bakker, & Schaufeli, 2006; Maslach et al.
Without organizational mechanisms for managing such strain, burnout (Kahn 1993; Maslach and Goldberg 1998) and reduced productivity (Frost 2003) can result.
With the launch of Burnout Research, we want to create one central place where the larger burnout community, from researchers to practitioners, policy-makers and other individuals outside the scientific community, can share new ideas and information, discuss and debate theories and applications, and propose new directions for research and interventions," explained Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Professor Christina Maslach of the University of Berkeley, California.
Mental status of the caregiver was evaluated with the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI), and burnout of the caregivers was evaluated by Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI).
A more recent study of burnout in Catholic clergy with a sample of 2,482 Catholic priests across the United States, however, found that they scored significantly less burned out than the norm groups on the Maslach Burnout Inventory, and concluded: "For Catholic priests and likely for all people, strong psychological and spiritual support systems seem to be most important in preventing burnout, especially for those engaged in the demanding positions of caring for others" (Rosetti & Rhoades, 2013, p.
Saks (2006) conceptualizes employee engagement based on Maslach et al.
It has long been observed that qualities that make counselors effective with their clients--such as empathy, compassion, and caring--may also leave them vulnerable to such negative outcomes as compassion fatigue and burnout (Figley, 1995; Lawson, Venart, Hazier, & Kottler, 2007; Pines & Maslach, 1978).
Burnout can be assessed officially using the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) (http://www.