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(ˈmæsəˌriːt) or




1. (Judaism) a member of the school of rabbis that produced the Masora
2. (Judaism) a Hebrew scholar who is expert in the Masora
[C16: from Hebrew māsōreth Masora]


(ˈmæs əˌrit) also



one of the writers or compilers of the Masorah.
[1580–90; < Hebrew māsōreth]

Masorete, Masorite

any of the Jewish scribes of the 10th century who compiled the Masora. — Masoretic, — Masoretical, adj.
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Noun1.Masorete - a scholar who is expert on the Masorah (especially one of the Jewish scribes who contributed to the Masorah)Masorete - a scholar who is expert on the Masorah (especially one of the Jewish scribes who contributed to the Masorah)
bookman, scholar, scholarly person, student - a learned person (especially in the humanities); someone who by long study has gained mastery in one or more disciplines
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The Masoretes note in II Samuel that although the keri ("read" version) of verse 51 has migdol, a noun, the ketiv (written version) has a verb, magdil.
Note, parenthetically, that I chose the Masoretic-based sources owing to the extreme measures the Masoretes used to promote accuracy (H.
The Masoretes misanalyzed the form as the adjective (thus, hay hayyD--and applied it to the DN) elOhltn as well--instead of as the proper nominal form (cf.
The Masoretes added accents and vocalizations to the consonant-rich pre-Masoretic text that was considered authoritative beginning in the second century CE.
While it is almost, if not quite certain, that the Name was originally pronounced 'Yahweh', this pronunciation was not indicated when the Masoretes added vowel signs to the consonantal Hebrew text.
It is a study of the transmission of the Old Testament text by the Masoretes (A.